Business strategy - Google broke its Glasses to save its future

Where are the Google Glass? Google Glass was supposed to be a must-have for consumers everywhere, setting the standard for wearable technology for years to come. From real-time navigation, video capabilities, extreme sport assistant, to foreign language translations, it had a plethora of interesting features that were meant to seamlessly integrate into daily life. Combine this with a wearable technology market ripe for the picking with an estimated $30 Billion up for grabs by 2018, and you have a recipe for success. Google was hoping to capitalize on its first-movers advantage, projecting as many as 21 million units in annual sales by 2018 which translates to roughly $10 Billion in annual revenue. But none of that happened. The Google Glass as we know it is officially dead, killed by Google in 2015. Despite the concerns regarding battery life, software bugs, and lack of viable use cases, Google Glass wasn’t killed because of its technology. The real reason relies on google business s…

NY-DFS adjust its cyber regulation

The public hearing held on Monday December 19th seems to have generated serious waves. According to Reuters, NYDFS regulation on cybersecurity is being postponed to March 1st 2017. The new version of NYDFS was supposed to be a first regulation explicitly calling financial institutions to follow specific rules in order to increase the cyber resilience of the institutions. The 50 pages’ documents were completing the frameworks already available such as the well-known NIST CSF or the FFIEC CAT. The last one introduced a model of balance between inherent risk and mandatory maturity. NYDFS did not introduce new concepts unknown by the industry with the proposed regulation. But making these concepts mandatory requirements for Financial Institutions would have changes the narrative. While the additional delay allows financial institutions to get ready, it will also allow the coming regulation and laws to have a chance to be aligned. In addition, the new White House would certainly play a si…

The Federal Reserve will raise the interest rates in december

It is a given. Everybody agreed on the next move of the FED. The Federal Reserve, according to the experts on air, will raise the interest rate in December.
And... It makes a lot of sense!
The current interest rates, almost null, have impacted the US economy with some job creation and bubble boost. The attracted prices on US products on the international market boosted the the creation of some job category with a cheep dollar. 
But the low rates boosted bubble such as the housing market:
Now it is a complicated call to go back to normal.
Is only a quarter of a point enough ?
think encore !!

USA abandons ICANN 1 month before the US elections

Is it a historical move? Certainly for the team working for ICANN since the invention of Internet. USA were managing since 1998 the directory of domains. It was a service required by the architecture of the internet... invented by the US. Beyond the ICANN team, for the rest of the world, minor changes are going to be visible at first. 
A new governance without the USDC involved
The major impact concerns the removal of the USA in the internal governance of the root domains. Even if it was not actively used in the last 20 years.
The move has been enabled by the current administration with a push in 2014. It was something discussed in the 90's by some lobbyists. In a last effort some states or congressman tried to prevent this move. The last minute reaction was probably too late to prevent it and the selection of the constitution right as an angle in the fight did not produce any results.
Therefor since October 1st the master dictionary of internet is no more hosted by the US department …
Once upon a time a disruptive company is not a fintech. operating from brooklyn is elevating kids to an innovating machine fluent in art and french.

Next step is hiring theses new brains...

Start to think encore kids...

What said about

Bref offers Three different levels, all for French-speakers (Dual-Language Program (DLP) students or other students who have had previous exposure to French. Classes are small enough (five to eight students maximum) to provide an optimal amount of personal attention,bref is divided into two parts, academic and personal expression called récréation .bref's academic is based on the French Elementary School curriculum standards with a focus on reading and writing  as well as expanding of vocabulary, orthographic & grammar skills. Our goal is to provide language support to help reach grade level French.During récréation time, children will continue to develop their French language through hands-on and personal art projects…

Starbucks math are not so... customer friendly

Starbucks released today an email announcing the new reword program. Why ? to answer customer first request to have a fair calculation of "stars".

In April, we're launching a new Starbucks Rewards program to reflect the #1 request we heard from members: more Stars awarded based on what you buy, no matter how often you visit. 

With a straight forward approach, positive for the #customerExperience, the calculation methodology is described:

You'll earn 2 Stars for every $1 you spend on coffee, food, drinks, mugs—and more.

TODAY APRIL 1 Star per visit 2 Stars per $1 spent 30 Stars to Gold level 300 Stars to Gold level 12 Stars for a free reward* in Gold level 125 Stars for a free reward* in Gold level Welcome, Green, Gold levels Green and Gold levels
(plus new Gold benefits)

Unfortunately it appears very customer UNfriendly. Lets take a simple case, a very loyal customer having a "grande" pike every working day. 
Today, he needs 2.5 weeks to get a "reward": 12 star…

Cyber insurance turns-out from unknown to mandatory in few month

The 3 major reasons to consider a cyber insurance in 2016 include:

First, an efficient way to transfer the financial impact of the cyber residual risk to a 3rd partySecond, regulators are now starting requesting it for most of the businessesThird because it is the easiest way to transfer external risk link from one 3rd party to another 3rd party It sounds nice and easy. Think encore !
Even if the financial liability is covered by a cyber policy, the responsibilities remains owned by the organization. Regulators and US courts are now seeking to assess the companies effort to prevent any breaches. The cyber capabilities developed by the company to protect the confidential data are analyzed as well as the root cause of the breach. Therefor the companies responsibilities is engaged.
Ownership of cyber resilience is not a geeky lingo anymore since it became a serious concern for the seniors management.
Cyber insurance will require to review the cyber exposure by going beyond the data owned but …