September 11

Year after year the same emotion catches me when i hear the building speakers calling for a minute of silence at 8:46am. I went to many buildings, many companies but all around NewYork at that moment there is a pause, so quite, so unusual. 
Touched by the moment and by the idea that year after year the city continues to honor the memory of the victims and the city’s heros. 

Then the second silence ... and the day restart like almost like usual. But tonight there is a special feeling to be home, safe!

After 20 years, lets open our home to the trendy green

While embracing the digital era, companies are able to leverage new capabilities to either improve working condition or footprint optimization. Surprisingly for the later, recipes did not change much  since the 70s' and with the still existing open-space, reinvigorated by flexible seating, work-from-home, and other digital collaboration capabilities.

Even so, there is no doubt that green remains trendy. From the banks to the environmental industry, everyone claim the green factor. But one major place of our life should definitely embrace a little more green... its our indoor.

From tobacco to pots... dont quit indoors plant 

Unless you are the lucky non city residents in a wooden cabin, others face home polluant more than necessary and more than often known.

We all contributed to the fight against tobacco, and especially around kids. An interesting ads from New Zealand is circulating now to voice the risk of passive smoking for pets - its named "quit your pet".

But fighti…

Smart city border and half backed ecologists move

Without jumping to a slippery topic there is no doubt that smart is good and city are getting smarter for our benefits. I do blame our city leader to go too slow to adopt a real smart city policy and move forward to something better than just the minimum.

GAFA are developing interesting services offer or ideas on the smart city area. Exiting topic but also a wonderful market in the future. Microsoft for instance leverage all its products pillars (cloud, AI...) with a transversal offering to help city manage energy and water.

When small player and contributing to the energy optimization, we do welcome the effort. Especially when it helps the consumers. Ecobee is deploying a new algo, called ecobee+ to achieve this. Unfortunately part of the offer is messing up between customer and producer. Therefor, you will in a way pay twice your energy: once with your energy bill, once by buying your ecobee. Why because ecobee will stop your AC when the energy distributor will face too much consump…

iphone '19 decline, a surprise anticipated by all industries

Apple continue to offer great products, but customers are getting tired of the high price-tag and pain related to all apple "premium" services.

While all companies are trying to develop the right omni channel with an efficient brique and mortar model, Apple clients are getting tired to have to take an appointment to buy services. Who is willing to wait and schedule an appointment to spend money on commodities ? Earbud replacement for instance is not a luxury service, unless you go to Cartier.

Is there an end for the forced supremacy of Apple care ? Maybe, customer dont choose apple support by choice, it is just an obligation.

While still a capitalization of 2019, #Apple announcement of iphone decline is not a surprise. 2019 models and functionalities are not expected to revolutionize the trend. Therefor all the eyes are now on the applewatch. The only growing market for apple hardware. Could we really consider this as surprising ? Probably not since the various industries ha…

French wrong move against Gafa

It was definitely not the expectations of the French government. But no doubt who would have to pay. The new French #gafa tax will be reallocated by #amazon to the French market. Beyond making sense to manage the local cost of operating it is also fair for all the clients of other worldwide markets. 

But it is definitely it’s a good move against the appetite of new global taxes. Positive protection of local producers / distributor should be the main focus versus destructive actions against the digital plateforme. 

The day Amazon will promote the #madeInLocal it would kill most initiative against the company!
Think encore.

Can USA win the tariff war against China

US/China deal is an interesting negotiation between an elected administration and a perpetual sole governing party. 
When every component of the negotiation is a challenge governance and balance of powers needs to change to progress. The tariff war turned out to be it.

Even with good outcomes in mind for the US future, how long the short term gains can be compromised without losing support from companies and public?

Think encore !

New York Flag - the unofficial un-tell story

The city was far away from the major agglomeration we now know. A mix of farmers and traders of goods were hanging out and name the growing village into the new York. New York was therefor a thing.

New city face challenging future and difficult financial stability. But everyone knew that the success would come with a strong identity. Getting a icon, a flag became an obvious need.

Without money, no designer, no new flag... There came the french, again, and another boat, with a box of old and tired french flag, ready for decommission. No need for long negotiation, the box was acquired by the new city.

The council voted to simply add the city marks in the middle and use it as is. Tired colors became New York pride. The new flag was born: Blue, White, Red Orange.