Can USA win the tariff war against China

US/China deal is an interesting negotiation between an elected administration and a perpetual sole governing party. 
When every component of the negotiation is a challenge governance and balance of powers needs to change to progress. The tariff war turned out to be it.

Even with good outcomes in mind for the US future, how long the short term gains can be compromised without losing support from companies and public?

Think encre !

New York Flag - the unofficial un-tell story

The city was far away from the major agglomeration we now know. A mix of farmers and traders of goods were hanging out and name the growing village into the new York. New York was therefor a thing.

New city face challenging future and difficult financial stability. But everyone knew that the success would come with a strong identity. Getting a icon, a flag became an obvious need.

Without money, no designer, no new flag... There came the french, again, and another boat, with a box of old and tired french flag, ready for decommission. No need for long negotiation, the box was acquired by the new city.

The council voted to simply add the city marks in the middle and use it as is. Tired colors became New York pride. The new flag was born: Blue, White, Red Orange.

US Trends - mobility is getting low

European countries used to look at US statistics with admiration. The moving rate were way higher and was highlighting a strong mobility in the workforce capabilities. It started with college and used to never stop.

But this is a statistic of the past. Today american society is getting older and less willing to move away.

Is it bad for US economy ? 
Think encore!

Wake-up new old-world... America

America worked intensively to help the Chinese industry growth. How ?

By all the means. America offshored its production capacity abroad, offshored designed of some part abroad and lately offshore the know-how with creation of joint venture.

What is the news today ? For the first time american customer are buying digital product in chinese.

Because there is no good competition coming from the new old world... Thank you Xiaomi for embracing the competitive and efficient capitalism.

no need to think... encore.

You're gonna mine Bitcoin without knowing it

It sounded like a joke but this time a good one.
Using the old concept of distributed workload capacity some "Hackers" are using your available computing power to mine Bitcoin. It's the new version of space listening but without your permission.  At this stage beyond the legality of the operation the hacker is technically stealing power, electricity and bandwidth. 
There is a real risk beyond this operation with a realization of this mechanism to target something else. We all remember the massive ddos attack performed with the power of smart devices such as home camera. 
Before laughing about this "fun" attack... Let's think encore.

RPA adoption will be performed by constraints outside the major firms

Major firms slowly adopt RPA - Robotic Process Automation - while fin/reg tech embrace it massively to disrupt the market. DoNotPay is a free service initiated by a Stanford student to perform all the low hanging fruit in the legal industry. Now baked by the tech leaders the startup is competing with the human paralegal, faster, cheaper… The RPAzation process is in motion, it’s ultimate step would be the RPAzation of the public administration. Yes I know… but I would love the project.
think encore ;)

Business strategy - Google broke its Glasses to save its future

Where are the Google Glass? Google Glass was supposed to be a must-have for consumers everywhere, setting the standard for wearable technology for years to come. From real-time navigation, video capabilities, extreme sport assistant, to foreign language translations, it had a plethora of interesting features that were meant to seamlessly integrate into daily life. Combine this with a wearable technology market ripe for the picking with an estimated $30 Billion up for grabs by 2018, and you have a recipe for success. Google was hoping to capitalize on its first-movers advantage, projecting as many as 21 million units in annual sales by 2018 which translates to roughly $10 Billion in annual revenue. But none of that happened. The Google Glass as we know it is officially dead, killed by Google in 2015. Despite the concerns regarding battery life, software bugs, and lack of viable use cases, Google Glass wasn’t killed because of its technology. The real reason relies on google business s…