From CUNY to Cluny... Mayak, art made in ... international

Maya k elevates the mundane motions of everyday into graceful celestial ballets, arcing motions, and colorful explosions.

Maya is an American artist living and working in Paris, with both fine arts and visual communication degrees from CUNY.
In Maya's unique multi-cultured visual language, she reinterprets space and time. 
Her paintings focus on control and patience while her photography lays in spontaneous forms and colors. 
The artwork, like Maya, come from different origins, but communicate in the same visual language: 
the act of compacting a stretch of time, a graceful motion, into a moment... seeing the world at a different pace.

the parallel of Maya's multiple origins with the artwork's .. that compaction of your time-and-space with your impression of the world.. sitting back like a long-exposure camera

that's what's left

Link to Mayak site


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