Once upon a time a disruptive company is not a fintech. Bref.nyc operating from brooklyn is elevating kids to an innovating machine fluent in art and french.

Next step is hiring theses new brains...

Start to think encore kids...

What bref.nyc said about bref.nyc:

  • Bref offers Three different levels, all for French-speakers (Dual-Language Program (DLP) students or other students who have had previous exposure to French. Classes are small enough (five to eight students maximum) to provide an optimal amount of personal attention,
  • bref is divided into two parts, academic and personal expression called récréation .
  • bref's academic is based on the French Elementary School curriculum standards with a focus on reading and writing  as well as expanding of vocabulary, orthographic & grammar skills. Our goal is to provide language support to help reach grade level French.
  • During récréation time, children will continue to develop their French language through hands-on and personal art projects linked to the courses designed to enhance the learning of French, effortlessly.


Anonymous said…
Bref stands for Brooklyn Reads in French...

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