USA abandons ICANN 1 month before the US elections

Is it a historical move? Certainly for the team working for ICANN since the invention of Internet. USA were managing since 1998 the directory of domains. It was a service required by the architecture of the internet... invented by the US. Beyond the ICANN team, for the rest of the world, minor changes are going to be visible at first. 

A new governance without the USDC involved

The major impact concerns the removal of the USA in the internal governance of the root domains. Even if it was not actively used in the last 20 years.

The move has been enabled by the current administration with a push in 2014. It was something discussed in the 90's by some lobbyists. In a last effort some states or congressman tried to prevent this move. The last minute reaction was probably too late to prevent it and the selection of the constitution right as an angle in the fight did not produce any results.

Therefor since October 1st the master dictionary of internet is no more hosted by the US department of commerce.

What will remain a big question is why this move was performed now. It seems not related to the costs since US continue to provide the workers. It is definitely not aligned with the latest move on US cybersecurity and efforts to regain controls over data traffic...

The Why? will remains...


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