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US Trends - mobility is getting low

European countries used to look at US statistics with admiration. The moving rate were way higher and was highlighting a strong mobility in the workforce capabilities. It started with college and used to never stop.

But this is a statistic of the past. Today american society is getting older and less willing to move away.

Is it bad for US economy ? 
Think encore!

Wake-up new old-world... America

America worked intensively to help the Chinese industry growth. How ?

By all the means. America offshored its production capacity abroad, offshored designed of some part abroad and lately offshore the know-how with creation of joint venture.

What is the news today ? For the first time american customer are buying digital product in chinese.

Because there is no good competition coming from the new old world... Thank you Xiaomi for embracing the competitive and efficient capitalism.

no need to think... encore.